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Kia ora, 

Here is a quick update of the achievements and challenges encountered in 2020.​​


  1. Connectivity is important. Our New Zealand landscape brings particular challenges to Internet-connected devices. Econode has been working on technologies to further extend the range of LoraWAN with a hybrid LoraWAN repeater to extend into those hard to reach gullies.

  2. Satellite repeater for SmartTrap. Econode is collaborating with Swarm Technologies to bring low-cost satellite connectivity to conservation projects. We will have more news on this early in 2021 watch this space. 

  3. ​Currently around 7000 nodes have been deployed around New Zealand and some trials outside New Zealand. Despite the disruption of our supply chain during the pandemic, we had delivered more than 3000 nodes this year to different communities and regional biosecurity conservation groups. The Year 2 of the Taranaki Taku Tūranga - Towards Predator-Free Taranaki project had completed and moved into Year 3.

  4. Doing more with SmartTrap. The SmartTrap node has a hardware expansion port with updated firmware we now how nodes monitoring; Solar power systems, Water tank levels, Temperature / Humidity and stream water quality.
    *From 2021 all SmartTrap nodes will include a temperature/humidity sensor.

  5. COVID19 disruption: This year we faced a global challenge regarding our supply chain and freight. The disruption will continue into 2021 this has caused us to make adjustments to our lead time and increased our costs. As a result, a 'COVID19 Surcharge'  will apply from January 2021.

  6. Our next production run is scheduled for March/April 2021. Our lead time extends between 4 to 6 months.  Pre-orders are essential as we are facing long lead times and backlog from our suppliers. 

  7. We are delighted to have Opensensing Ltd representing SmartTrap products in Australia. Econode and Opensensing are working on saving Koalas in South Australia. It is ironic to think that we may be working on both eradicating and protecting possums. More information on the Australian connection in the New Year.

Looking back to 2020, we are proud of what we have achieved. We will continue to thrive despite the weather, the pandemic, the challenges of new and old technologies. The birds need to be protected. Our fauna and flora need to be protected. Our native animals and trees are under threat from extinction. And we can not stop, look, and do nothing.


Econode is so lucky to have you; our partners, friends, families, our suppliers, our customers, sharing this journey with us. We know we never are alone. We will continue to serve our communities and the great goal - Protecting Paradise in 2021 and many more years.

From Matt, Ann and Manuka of Team Econode.

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