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"I could change the world

... but they won't give me

the source code."




Matt is a “full-stack” computer engineer and an expert in circuit design, communication protocols and the Internet of Things. Matt’s business experience was developed in small and large enterprises in NZ and SE Asia.


At age thirteen he was using a soldering iron to make a joy-stick for his Sinclair ZX81 micro-computer. In the later years, his talent, experience and skills have made him an internationally recognised leader in bringing “IoT” to the conservation estate. Matt likes to call himself an IoT architect.


Matt is a dedicated environmentalist and wants to apply his formidable technical skills to resolve his biggest challenge: New Zealand pest problem.

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Ann is a strategist with a great sense of the big picture and essential details. Her double background in Art/Design and Psychology makes her an agile leader who is simply good at working with people. She is very thorough and systematic in her work. Her organizational skills and her “can-do” attitude inspire her colleagues to overcome any demanding situations.

Ann's business experience went from East to West and now settled in the Asia Pacific region. Leading Econode with an environmental sustainability business model is her goal. 

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"Then we decide to write the new code."

about uS

Econode Limited is a 100% New Zealand owned private company. 


Econode empowers the conservation industry with IoT technology. We provide a biosecurity wireless monitoring system to give the conservation industry the “edge” it needs and to address the substantial challenges it faces. Our Econode technology uses LoRaWAN IoT network.


Our SmartTrap® device – as we call “the node” executes an efficient way to check traps remotely in large scale and rugged areas. It can be attached to the existing traps in the market. 


At Econode, we develop simple and effective tools for other rural and metropolitan monitoring tasks including remote power, vehicle monitoring and gate minding. Our products are the result of successful collaborations between hardware engineering, software development, conservation workers and others involved.

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