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Kia Ora!


May already is here. Where all the months go? The sun rises late and sets down early. The wind gets chillier. We do hope you all enjoyed a great summer and get cozy for the winter to come.


At Econode, we are super busy with the growth and demand. We are organizing the offices and getting more help so we can serve our customers better. Therefore, if we are late in response to your inquiries, please do not hesitate to remind us.


Here are some updates what we had been doing in the first quarter of the year 2019:


  1. Working on the Pine Cay Save the Iguana Project.
    The Pine Cay Save the Iguana Project is an island restoration project based on seven cays in the Princess Alexandra National Park working to protect and enhance the population of Turks & Caicos rock iguana by removing invasive species. This project is being directed by Elizabeth (Biz) Bell - Senior Ecologist from Wildlife Management International Ltd.) The trialing of SmartTraps on Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean has begun. We are so excited with this opportunity for Econode trialing our nodes and testing its efficiency outside New Zealand, in a tropical environment.

  2. Towards Predator-Free New Zealand.
    Early February and late April, Taranaki Regional Council received batches of SmartTraps from Econode for the Towards Predator-Free Taranaki project. These new nodes are made with our latest version Gen5 board. Our collaboration between IoT Taranaki, Primo Wireless, Econode and Predator Free Taranaki shows the commitment we made to protect our unique ecology, our native animals, fauna and flora.  In addition, our SmartTraps are gradually appearing in different regions thanks for the supports from both public and private landowners. Our first two projects for Hawkes Bay Regional Council are underway. So next time if you spot a SmartTrap node, please take a photo and let us know on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using hashtag @econodenz #SmartTraps #econodenz
    (Photo on the right: From left to right: Jake Bowcock and Jimmy from Rural Pest Services, Jordan Lasenby from Taranaki Regional Concil, Matt Way from Econode and Paul Oliver from IoT Taranaki).

  3. Crazy and Ambitious 2 Symposium– 20 and 21 May at Te Papa, Wellington.
    Hosted by New Zealand Biological Heritage and partners, the symposium is dynamic and interactive with keynotes speakers. Econode will present our SmartTraps and other services at the trade stalls so come and visit us if you are in Wellington. Otherwise, we will be at Fieldays in Hamilton and at NETS in Tauranga around June and July. Let the show begin!

  4. Funding from PFNZ 2050 Ltd.
    We are excited to receive funding from PFNZ 2050 Ltd. to develop low cost LoRa repeater as the need of improvement on radio technology. This development will help us to extend the distance, penetration, aggregation and can reduce the network fees. 

  5. Econode team
    We are humbled with support from customers and clients inquires. We feel so lucky to have more people coming on board with us. Announcement about other team members will be made when the right time comes. From now, we are 100% focusing to bring more nodes into the fields.


Ngā manaakitanga,

With all best wishes,

From Matt, Ann and Manuka of Team Econode.

Team Econode1.jpg
From left to right: Jake Bowcock and Jimmy from Rural Pest Services, Jordan Lasenby from Taranaki Regional Concil, Matt Way from Econode and Paul Oliver from IoT Taranaki
Taranaki Econode 1.jpg
@SmartTrap nodes on the move
Smartrap on the move.jpg
Mt Taranaki in sunset
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